Support for Aural Style Sheets and the CSS Speech Module

Questions concerning current support for aural CSS have come up on Accessify Forum and a couple of other places recently, so I decided to collect my knowledge of aural CSS into a single resource to share with all you lovely people.

After some discussion on the GAWDS mailing list at the end of September, I ran some tests to see whether or not there was scope for using aural CSS to control how a screen reader says different types of abbreviation. In turn, this involved determining the level of support for aural CSS properties in current software. The tests failed in JAWS and a bit of research that followed uncovered various suggestions that there is very little support out there.

So, expanding on and supplementing my notes from those tests, I have written up a page covering my knowledge of aural CSS for anyone that is interested. Perhaps having this information in one place will be useful to people:

Aural CSS: Support for CSS 2 Aural Style Sheets / CSS 3 Speech Module

If you find any of the information to be incomplete or inaccurate, please let me know so that I can update the page.