I speak at events about digital accessibility and sustainability. If you would like to book me to speak at your event, let’s have a chat.

Upcoming events:

I have a series of talks on the following topics for conferences, meet-ups, seminars, webinars, or Lunch & Learn programmes:

  • Experiencing digital accessibility
  • How to be an accessibility champion
  • Accessible UX design
  • Accessibility in Agile
  • Accessibility on social media
  • Accessibility for digital marketing
  • Accessibility for content editors
  • Native mobile accessibility testing
  • iOS and Android accessibility development
  • Advanced iOS accessibility techniques
  • Accessibility meets sustainability
  • Sustainability for digital businesses
  • Sustainable technology for small businesses
  • Ethical finance for small businesses

Conferences I’ve presented at

Meetups I’ve spoken at

Speaker biography

Jon is a digital accessibility and sustainability consultant. He is known for his practical approach and deep technical understanding of accessibility on the Web, iOS, and Android, which is built on years of testing websites and mobile apps. He’s worked with teams at all levels in organisations for the private and public sectors providing training and mentoring teams.


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