Photo: Jon sat outside on stone steps working on his MacBook

Hello, I’m Jon

I’m passionate about accessibility, sustainability and running an ethical business. I’m the founder and director of As It Should Be, a UK-based consultancy helping digital teams design and build more accessible and sustainable digital products and services.

I’ve been active in the digital accessibility community since 2004, promoting best practices for creating more accessible websites and mobile apps, most notably as the person behind @a11y on Twitter. I’m regarded as a leading expert on accessibility in iOS and Android apps, and I’ve presented at events internationally.

I’ve worked with brands around the world and in a variety of sectors, with clients including Alzheimer’s Society, AtkinsRéalis, National Geographic, OVO Energy, Possible, RNIB, Travelodge, UNICEF, and more you’ll likely know. I’ve trained teams at the BBC, the Met Office, the Office for National Statistics, and Sainsbury’s, and my open source work has been used by teams at Google.

I’ve also worked with some well known digital accessibility consultancies, including Dig Inclusion, Hassell Inclusion, Knowbility, Nomensa, RNIB, TetraLogical, and TPGi (formerly The Paciello Group).

You can find further testimonials and endorsements from clients and industry peers (including contributors to W3C standards like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and WAI-ARIA) on my LinkedIn profile.

I also enjoy connecting with and supporting other small business owners to run more responsible businesses, align their work to their values, and consider people and our planet alongside profit. I’m a co-founder of a networking group for small business owners who are interested in business sustainability and ethics, and of the Bristol Inclusive Design & Development meetup.

I speak at events about digital accessibility and sustainability, or business as a force for good. If you’re interested in getting me to speak at your event, let’s have a chat.

If you need help with an upcoming project and would like to work with me, head over to to find out how I can help and ways to get in touch.