Textpattern E-mail Encoding Plugin

After being told by my host that I’m not allowed to use a third party (or my own) script for a form-based contact page, I’ve had to remove contact forms from a few of my sites. I need an interim solution, so I’ve added contact e-mail addresses to the sites. Of course, this is probably a good idea anyway, instead of relying on contact forms.

Anyway, I’ve been encoding e-mail addresses using a mixed-mode obfuscation technique similar to Enigma’s Email Obfuscator. As a couple of my sites run on Textpattern, I decided to write a plugin that will encode e-mail addresses to help hide them from harvesters.


This plugin will allow you to encode an e-mail address via a Textpattern tag using a few different modes.

Go check out the dtj_obfuscated_email plugin page for more info and accept my apologies for the ugly-looking page. It’s a bit like the rest of my site at the moment – in limbo while I finish my new design.

I hope someone finds this plugin useful. Please let me know if you have any feedback.



In case anyone is interested, I have published the PHP code I used for the dtj_obfuscated_email plugin. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.