Off to @media

Well, I swore to myself that the next post I make would be more Web-related. I have a few posts half-way done, but this is the best I can muster right now. I’ve got a couple of meetings in London, then there’s @media (wooo!), possibly a stag night after that, and then a friend’s wedding to go to!

What with my laptop being rather kaput (and currently commandeered by Jo), I’ve just packed up my Mac mini so that I can actually get some work done while I’m away. It’ll also give me the chance to dive into Tiger some more.

By the way, I’m so glad I took some photos when I unpacked my Mac mini. Without them, I couldn’t figure out how to pack the power supply back in.

Anyway, I’ll be seeing some of you at @media! Looking forward to meeting a huge number of people.

Oh, thought I’d mention: Faruk Ateş has a list of a few people who are going. Also, Flickr has an @media 2005 group/pool. Check them out if you’re going!

A note to Mr Oxton: Sorry you won’t be joining us, John. Good luck with the work.

So long and…