And so it begins… again…

OK, so this is my second attempt at a blog, the first being an overall failure because I just didn't have the time to keep posting to it. I think it was down to my own expectations of being able to post at least every other day.

So this blog starts with a disclaimer: This is not a journal where I write something every day. I may get to that stage at some point, but for the moment, this is only an occasional blog.

On another thought, this is neither a personal blog nor a business blog – it's a bit of both – a dumping ground for my thoughts on stuff. So, it's probably a good job that I can categorise my posts!

The design (if you can call it a design – Ed.) I knocked up in a couple of days, so it's really not that awe-inspiring! As is usual with my sites, there's quite a lot of white space! I will probably get around to doing something a little more interesting at some point.

Anyway, welcome and enjoy!