I am currently available for hire to deliver accessibility training to teams on-site in the UK and Europe, and remotely worldwide. I currently provide the following training courses:

  • Introduction to web accessibility and digital inclusion
  • Accessibility for UX designers
  • Accessibility for managers
  • Accessibility in communications (content editing, audio, video, social media)
  • Accessibility for web developers
  • Accessible web applications using JavaScript and WAI-ARIA
  • Accessibility testing for websites
  • Accessibility for iOS developers
  • Accessibility for Android developers
  • Accessibility testing for mobile apps

I also have a series of shorter talks on the following topics:

  • Experiencing digital accessibility
  • Accessible UX
  • Accessibility in Agile
  • How to be an accessibility champion
  • iOS and Android accessibility APIs
  • Advanced iOS accessibility techniques

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to work with me.