Hello, I’m Jon. I help organisations make their websites and mobile apps accessible to people with disabilities.

Photo: Jon

I’m a digital accessibility consultant, developer, tester and trainer with a particular interest in establishing sustainable approaches to digital inclusion. I am recognised for my deep knowledge of accessibility on iOS, Android and the Web. I test websites and mobile apps, but I love mentoring and training teams to work with accessibility in mind.

I have helped organisations – including Alzheimer’s Society, BBC, Met Office, National Geographic, Office for National Statistics, OVO Energy, Sainsbury’s, Virgin Money – to make their websites and applications more accessible, delivering training and providing practical support to teams at all levels. I have also consulted on behalf of some of the biggest organisations in the field of web accessibility, including The Paciello Group, Dig Inclusion, Hassell Inclusion and TetraLogical.

Hire me

I can help your organisation by:

  • Training your teams on accessibility
  • Mentoring members of your team on accessibility
  • Testing the accessibility of your mobile app or website
  • Recommending solutions for accessibility issues
  • Fixing accessibility in your iOS and Android apps

If you would like to work with me, please get in touch.