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Where’s Durstan?

OK, I wasn’t going to get involved with this, but after catching up with all the malarkey (!) at lunchtime, I couldn’t resist.

A quick Google Image Search for “Durstan” picked up some interesting images, and having been kept updated with SxSW 2005 via Flickr, I couldn’t resist using this photo by Richard Rutter.

Where's Durstan?

Credit where credit’s due


Jo decided to get in on it as well with this one: Can you find Durstan in this maze?

Illegal Hedgehogs

A hedgehog I'm not sure how accurate this information is, but I found this website while Googling one day which said that hedgehogs are illegal in some US states. I can't remember what it was I was searching for now, but I just had to read this page.

Now people who know me well enough will know that I am quite fond of hedgehogs – I've still got the puppet hedgehog that I was given for my 6th birthday (all say “ah”). So, I was quite disturbed by what the page says:

“What happens if you have a hedgie in a hedgie-illegal state? That depends on the state. Some states simply ask that the animal be placed out of state within a specified amount of time (usually a few days). Some confiscate and destroy. Some confiscate and ship to rescues out of state. If your animal is confiscated, you will likely be fined. Some states even have it on the books that you can be given jail time, but I have never heard of anyone actually getting that penalty. I have heard of a lot of confiscation and fines. And people who ship hedgies into hedgie-illegal states can get fined, too, so we just don't do it.”

The page was last updated in 2002, so I expect this is out-of-date, but I hope that those states that “confiscate and destroy” the poor little buggers have since desisted.

Well, if you're having a bonfire this November 5th, remember, remember to check for hedgehogs before you light it!

Reuniting Friends

This is a fairly mundane entry, but while looking at my referral log today, I found that someone has found the November 5th Web Solutions website by searching for “Jon Gibbins -Dr” on Google. My entry on Friends Reunited tells people to find me by Googling for “Jon Gibbins -Dr”, as that'll find me quite easily.

The “-Dr” bit is because there appears to be a Dr Jon Gibbins at the University of Reading.

Anyway, I think this is the first time anyone has found the site this way. So, if it was you, get in touch!

M3 RYL Evans

Audi TT with number plate M3 RYL Just a quick entry and a nod to Meryl Evans' blog, and an entry about a photo I sent her.

I found myself driving behind an Audi TT last week with the number plate “M3 RYL”. I had been reading a few of Meryl's articles last week, so I just had to get a photo and send it to her. It was probably also just another excuse to use the camera on my new phone.

Before anyone asks, I was stopped in traffic with the handbrake on and the gearbox in neutral.