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vCard Tools in Mozilla Thunderbird

I’ve just discovered the MoreColsForAddressBook extension for Thunderbird.

It’s not obvious from its name, but it provides import/export tools and additional entries for contacts in your Mozilla address book, which includes really useful operations that support vCard! This makes a great companion for those of us who use the vCard format to share our contact details with the world.

The extension doesn’t appear to be listed in Mozilla’s add-on repository, so I thought it was worth giving this an airing here. Read more about this extension on its page: MoreColsForAddressBook

Quick Tip: Disappearing Firefox Windows

I occasionally experience an annoyance with Firefox under Windows XP. Sometimes, for seemingly no reason, you will load up Firefox or switch to a Firefox window and no matter how many times you click on Firefox in the taskbar, it just doesn’t appear.

What’s happened is that the Firefox window has somehow gotten stuck off-screen and the only way I can find to get it back is to maximise it (e.g. right-click on Firefox in your taskbar and select Maximise from the menu). However, when you minimise or restore the window, it will disappear off-screen again.

You don’t necessarily want a maximised window, so here’s my simple tip. If you have the Web Developer Toolbar installed (or maybe a window resizing bookmarklet), just run a window resize and the window should reset back to the top left of your screen. Obviously, you’ll need to maximise the browser window to be able to activate the toolbar button or your bookmarklet.

I haven’t figured out the cause of this annoyance yet. It only happens to Firefox and it may well be limited to Windows XP, or to me for that matter! But just in case others find this a problem, this is how I deal with it at the moment.

Need a bookmarklet to help?

If you don’t have the Web Developer Toolbar or a browser window resizing bookmarklet, bookmark the following link and use it when you need to get your window back on-screen as normal:
Browser window position reset

If you need to find a browser window resizing bookmarklet, check out these browser resizing bookmarklets from Nicholas Roussos.