Category: lab updates

Updated test: Screen readers and the iframe element

I’ve added a some new test cases to my page of accessible iframe solutions based on newer HTML5 attributes. More test results to come.

Screen readers and the iframe element in Dotjay’s Lab

Updated resource: Assistive Technology: a video tour of accessibility

I’ve fixed links to videos that have been removed from the Web and added a couple of new ones.

Assistive Technology: a video tour of accessibility in Dotjay’s Lab

Updated resource: Introduction to Screen Readers

I’ve linked to some new resources and fixed links to pages that have been removed from the Web.

Introduction to Screen Readers in Dotjay’s Lab

Form placeholder text JavaScript: new class names added

I have updated the JavaScript that adds placeholder text to form inputs using the contents of the title attribute. The code is a bit leaner now and includes class names on the form inputs when there is placeholder text present, which allows you to style the inputs differently when there is user input versus placeholder text.

Input Placeholder Text in Dotjay’s Lab

Aural CSS notes on Opera updated

Updated notes on Opera support and fixed broken links.

Aural CSS: Support for CSS 2 Aural Style Sheets / CSS 3 Speech Module in Dotjay’s Lab

VoiceOver Commands (HTML version)

Created an HMTL version of Apple’s VoiceOver commands PDF.

VoiceOver Commands / Keyboard Shortcuts in Dotjay’s Lab

Updated assistive technology videos following comments from Victor Tsaran

Updated some of the notes following comments from Victor Tsaran. Loads of new videos to be added shortly.

Aural CSS notes updated following tests with Opera Voice and FireVox

Opera and the FireVox extension for Firefox both claim to support some of the CSS 3 Speech module properties. Following some quick tests on Windows, Opera 9.62 seems to work reasonably well, but the latest FireVox appears to have broken support.

Added jQuery UI Accordion keyboard accessibility tests

Added examples of jQuery UI‘s Accordion widget to test keyboard accessibility, particularly in Firefox, which seems to have an issue with tabindex="0".

Test cases for tabindex bugs in Firefox

Added test cases for weird tabindex behaviour noticed in Firefox.