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Bookshelf Meme

It seems I’ve been meme-tagged again. So, to slightly obscure the fact that I don’t find the time to blog at the moment, here’s what my bookshelf says about me!

Books(h)elf meme

Your Designer Music

I was reading Lloydi’s post about people’s secret pasts and musical backgrounds, where he posted some of his own stuff up. I’ve been thinking about writing a little about my music – and I’ve promised some people I would – so here goes.

I really started getting more into music when I was about 16. I took up playing the guitar – probably a result of Michael J. Fox’s playing in the Back to the Future trilogy. I’ve been in a few bands, and I’ve always found music to be a great release, but if you listen to some of these tracks, you might notice that I don’t particularly have a fixed style.

Before uni, I was in a pop-rock band called Flyby Karma with a few friends. We gigged around North Devon and got a few good reviews in the local papers. The band split when we all headed off to do degrees. Anyway, here’s a song Guy (bassist) and I wrote and pieced together in an inspired rehearsal one weekend: Satan’s Girlfriend (mp3, 4.12 MB).

I went to uni to do an engineering degree, but I really wanted to get into doing Music Technology, so I pushed to get on a combined course. I actually ended up doing better in Music than I ever did in Electronics which I was really chuffed with – I really enjoyed the music assignments we got to do. One studio recording assignment I did with my friend Nick based on some riffs that he’d come up with, which we recorded and mixed down in Cubase. The result: Dakshina (mp3, 3.57 MB) (the name means “gift given to one’s Guru” because the track was inspired by a favourite of ours – Ozric Tentacles). Check out Nick’s excellent solo towards the end!

After buying my long-awaited first acoustic guitar while I was at uni, I spent an afternoon adding new bits to an old track I’d once disgarded because I didn’t like it. That evening, Nick and I recorded it to 4-track MiniDisc using his MD4 – me playing my new acoustic in his cubicle of a bathroom as a make-shift live room. That summer, Nick wrote a solo to go over the middle section of the track. Complete with the Shadows meets Dave Gilmour, here it is: d’eau, think pink demo (mp3, 4.59 MB).

I’ve got some more dancey remixes too that we knocked together for uni assignments, but I can’t find clips to put up right now.

One more left for now. At uni I entered the Battle of the Bands with a 70s rock-infused power-trio that was minus a singer and songs. Of course, I ended up filling the gap. Too embarrassed to put up a track of us powered up, here’s an acoustic version of one of our very first songs: Curing Day (mp3, 4.44 MB).


Or laugh! Cry! Whatever! But check out some of these too (I’ll add to the list if I find more):

Northern Geekend: get yer anoraks on

A few of us here in York (including myself and Mr Pixelicious Pete) have been throwing around the idea of organising a geek meet this month. I met with Pete at lunchtime today and assembled a bit of a plan for the weekend of October 15th.

We invite the geek community to descend on the city of York in droves for the great Northern Geekend – southerners welcome.

Plans aren’t set in stone, but the idea is to visit a handful of York’s many pubs, perhaps go for a meal in one of the lovely local restaurants and also do York in some fashion. There’s plenty going on that weekend in York, including SightSonic 2005 (York International Festival of Digital Arts). Or some might like to do a bit of the tourist thing, like visiting some Vikings! Who’s for a bit of Frisbee? Or a trip down the River Ouse? Whatever floats your boat really! Geddit? Geddit?! Ah, never mind!

Accommodation will be provided by one of the Holiday Inn
Express/Travel Inn/etc, or if you’re really lucky, in the homes of local geeks.

So let either me or Pete know if you’re interested or to ask for more info. Spread the word – the more the merrier.

Mac in a Box

Guess what arrived at my front door at half nine this morning!

I had just been checking out Apple’s order tracking when the doorbell went. Bloody hell! It was my Mac Mini – the order tracking said it was still at Leeds airport. So, much a boyish unpacking commenced and a photo opportunity was taken.

Mac boxes: Mac Mini, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse.

I decided to go wireless. I had considered getting a DVI KVM switch to make it easy for me to use the Mac with my existing keyboard, mouse and beautiful new ViewSonic flat screen monitor, but having seen how much the switches cost, I settled for dual inputs on my monitor, stylish Mac keyboard and mouse and wirelessness.

The excitement hasn’t quite kicked in. I’ve been so busy so far this week and it’s likely to be the weekend before I get time to play. Hmmm, looking forward to getting some Tiger lovin’. Grrrr.

Welcome to Tiger, Mac OS X v10.4.

Anyway, Jo seems to have taken a liking to the new addition to the November 5th team… she says she’s going to take it to work with her.

The Mac Mini lunchbox.

So, does this officially make me a Web Design geek? I guess not – I don’t yet have an iBook that I can sit in hallways with.