I’m Jon Gibbins and I help people make their websites, iOS apps and Android apps more accessible to people with disabilities. I do this by helping teams at all levels within an organisation to establish a sustainable approach to inclusion. I’ve been testing websites for accessibility for over a decade, locating interfaces that people will find difficult to access, recommending solutions, providing training and mentoring teams.

Previously, I co-founded digital accessibility consultancy, Dig Inclusion and worked with a variety of organisations – such as Alzheimer’s Society, BBC, Legal & General, Met Office, Premier League – to make their websites and applications more accessible. I also have a long background as a front-end and back-end web developer, having worked with companies in the UK and USA since 2004. Some years ago, I co-founded a web design and development co-operative called Analog, where I was the lead JavaScript developer for the social mapping application, Mapalong.

I’m a passionate advocate for accessible design, particularly on the Web. I love being part of the accessibility community, discussing the latest issues, helping fellow web developers better their skills, and feeling like the work we do is actually helping real people.

So, this is my site. My writing comes in ebbs and flows, as and when inspiration strikes. It’s seen more active days than it has more recently, but everything can change!