Scripting Enabled: accessibility conference and hack day

Christian Heilmann is organising a combined conference and hack day around accessibility and interface hacking. Scripting Enabled is a free event in London on September 19th and 20th:

“The aim of the conference is to break down the barriers between disabled users and the social web as much as giving ethical hackers real world issues to solve. We talked about improving the accessibility of the web for a long time – let’s not wait, let’s make it happen. […]

“The first day is dedicated to getting real information about accessibility barriers of online systems and techniques to work around them. […]

“The second day is a development event where we will try to build solutions and alternative interfaces into existing systems that work around the issues we learned about on the first day.”

It’s a great idea and presents a good opportunity for designers and developers to learn more about accessibility, how it affects visitors and perhaps get some practical experience while helping real users to access to some popular web applications.

There are quite a few tickets available for the “fact finding” first day (60 at time of writing), but if you’re interested in the second day of hacking, the tickets are nearly all gone. I’ve already booked mine; perhaps I’ll see you there!


Christian has now announced the schedule for Scripting Enabled. The tickets for the second day (the hack day) have all gone now, but there are still tickets available for the day of talks on 19 September.