Quick Tip: hard refresh for Firefox on Mac

Until recently, I ran Firefox on my Mac with the cache disabled because I found it annoying that my tweaks weren’t updated when refreshing a work in progress. My usual Control/Command+F5 wouldn’t work for me. Being used to Firefox on Windows, I’d often forget and find myself powering up VoiceOver.

To clarify, on a Mac, Control+F5 is not a hard refresh as it is on Windows. In the majority of cases, the Command key replaces the Control key when converting Windows shortcuts to Mac ones. For example, Control+T to open a new tab under Windows is Command+T on a Mac.

Logic dictates that a hard refresh should be Command+F5 on my Mac. Indeed, the Firefox documentation on keyboard shortcuts shows that Command+F5 should refresh overriding the cache, but that loads VoiceOver for me (OS X 10.4 or later).

The long and short of it

I now use Command+R for refresh and Command+Shift+R for when I need to do a hard refresh. As you’d expect, you can replace Command with Control for the Windows equivalent. And now I can turn my cache back on and save some time and bandwidth!

Of course, I could have set my own keyboard shortcuts! But then I’d have to set them up on all installations of Firefox I use.

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