Indispensable Firefox Extension

A couple of weeks back, I discovered the Session Saver extension and I just can’t believe that I had never installed this wonderful Firefox extension! Get it! If you don’t already use it, just forget the rest of this post and install it… now! Update: Or install Firefox 2.0 and set up the Session Restore feature!

Session Saver has got to be one of the most indepensible extensions out there. And this one’s not just for all the Web developers out there either. I reckon this even beats the Web Developer toolbar in terms of usefulness.

Gradually going ga-ga

I’ll often have several windows open and several tabs open in each of those windows. Maybe I’m researching something or I’ve ended up multitasking again!

Then, I find myself in one of the following situations:

  • I’ve hit utter knackeredness and need to get some sleep. I’d usually hibernate Windows, but this sometimes leaves your programs running sluggishly when you resume Windows. As long as I don’t have any half written posts or other programs open, I’d bookmark all my open tabs and come back to them. Now, the problem is that I have a silly number of bookmark folders!
  • I go off on a little tangent and try out a demo for SVG or something. The demo crashes Firefox and I lose all the pages I have open.
  • My computer crashes, or Windows just decides that there’s some driver problem and restarts without any warning. Again, I lose the pages I have open.
  • I somehow manage to click “Close tabs” when I accidentally click the close button on the browser window.

All of the above situations usually end up with me trawling through my browsing history to find the useful pages I had left open to either read or bookmark.

Well, no longer. Session Saver will save pretty much everything, the entire state Firefox is in, including half-written posts.

A word of warning though: don’t panic! If you somehow manage to lose your previously saved state or accidentally close a single tab (I’ve done both so far), Session Saver backs up your previous state and the last ten tabs you have had open. Don’t do what I did: close Firefox one window at a time, worry that the two windows you wanted didn’t get saved, open Firefox, swear a lot, close Firefox only to ponder about whether or not Session Saver backs up your previous sessions, open Firefox to find it was too late and your last session had been backed up over the session you wanted.

A huge thanks to Jeroen for linking to the extension in the post I was reading about Multiple Firefox Versions.

How about you?

There are other extensions I use, but I’m not going to list them all here. I’ve seen several lists of essential Firefox extensions around, so I don’t see the point in adding mine. What’s the most indispensable extension you use?