Rebooted: Version 2.0

So, my live redesign went down the pan… Now, it’s all gone stencilled!

Too long has my site sported my extremely minimalist interim design. Too long have I wriitten only half-finished posts and never got around to posting them! So, here’s my May 2006 Reboot effort, and a promise to write more… maybe.

I’ve had this new design in the works for quite a while, adding to it every now and then. I’m still not totally happy with it, but then, I never am!

So, here it is! You may well see little changes every now and then – the transition to the live server hasn’t been as smooth as expected. Anyway, enjoy! Constructive criticism welcomed.

You’ll also notice I’m in the process of rearranging some areas of the site. I made a few shifts after I installed the latest Textpattern release.

Early last year, I put up a very basic home page as minor content
additions that weren’t really part of the blog came about. Having installed Textpattern afresh, much of the site is now run by it, which has given me a chance to do something with the home page.

My hard-coded tweaks to Textpattern got scrapped with the fresh install in favour of installing or writing a few plugins (good plan Pennell!). I’m still working on some of the plugins (making sure they’re fairly solid), but will try to make more of them available very soon in the new lab section.