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Bookshelf Meme

It seems I’ve been meme-tagged again. So, to slightly obscure the fact that I don’t find the time to blog at the moment, here’s what my bookshelf says about me!

Books(h)elf meme

Ten Years

Today would be ten years away.
I didn’t expect it so soon.
I didn’t think on how I’d look back.
Didn’t know I had to say goodbye.
You are strong, but your body was frail.
You needed to rest.
I know it’s for the best,
But I would miss you.

That day is now ten years today.
It seems to have gone by so fast,
And yet so many things have passed by.
I think back with a tear and a sigh.
Freezeframe the past in my memory
Wipe away the tear
And I feel you are near,
But I still miss you.

For you, Mum.
By you I am saved.
For you I am brave.
And I know you are proud.