Archive: February, 2006

South West New Media

Update: Please note that South West New Media is no longer running due to low levels of interest.

Zach and I have been working on a project that we hope will give a boost to the New Media scene in the South West of England. We have set up South West New Media as a network for people interested in the New Media industry in the area.

Since moving to the South West region at the end of last year, I’ve found it more difficult to build a network of local contacts than I did previously in York. Being a more rural area of the country, that’s hardly surprising. When I met up with Zach before Christmas, he mentioned experiencing similar difficulties, so together we decided to do something about it.

Come on down, the water’s lovely!

So, if you’re in the South West of England and work/play involves New Media, why not sign up to South West New Media and join in the mailing list?

Look forward to seeing you on the list!


I see that Webcrediboy took my nickname for him to heart!

I just stumbled across Webcredible’s particularly innovative way to get accessibility and usability tips across to their visitors: The Webcredibles. How have I managed to miss this over the last three months?!

Joe says…

Checking back through my recent textpattern logs, I found I’d got linkage from Joe Clark regarding his appearances at @media 2005, during which he was referring to certain organisations as “w*nkers”.

Well, needless to say that the phrase of the day was soon established and several ideas came about, one of which was the Joe Clark Web Accessibility Validator. All that’s needed now is an open-source WCAG accessibility validator. Hmmm…

Anyway, all this reminded me of the graphic I knocked together after @media last year, so I thought I’d dig it out and share.

Original photo by Patrick H. Lauke