Home Sweet Home

After one week spent travelling the country, moving everything we own down to my hometown of Barnstaple in Devon, then a week of DIY, surviving on beer and pub-grub, and then a week of surviving on birthday cake alone, the powers that be have allowed me my Internet connection back. We finally got reconnected Tuesday lunchtime after a three-week wait, so now I’m starting to catch up with all my e-mails, projects, etc.

Unfortunately, the unexpected issues of moving home and the unreasonable wait for a proper Internet connection has meant things I wanted to get done have not been done. As a result, not only am I behind on work projects, I’ve not been able to do any of my personal projects, including this month’s reboot. The annoying thing is that I couldn’t even get online at the start of this month to post an apology. Anyway, a new design is in the works, and I’m liking how it’s looking so far, but as the workload is hefty right now, it looks like the live redesign may still be the best way forward for me, making changes as and when I find the time.

Of course, the thought has also crossed my mind to close down dotjay, or at least give it a good rest, but then I remembered what I said when I started the site. I never intended to write regularly, and I never really defined what I would write about. I wish I could find more time to write about Web design and development, and accessibility especially, but in recent months it’s been more important for me to just knuckle down and get on with the work. Maybe in a couple of months things will be different. For now, it’s back to knuckling down, but at least I have a new office to wear in with a much bigger desk to work at.

My new office

It’s nice being back home in Devon. Jo seems to be having some issues adjusting, which is not surprising, but I think she likes it down here. Things could have run smoother with the move, but such is the way with these things. Not only did we have the usual too much stuff to move, but (not so) Enterprise van hire let us down by failing to have any details of the reservation I made two weeks in advance. I was so very not impressed when I went to their office to pick up the van, our entire life waiting to be bundled into the back of it. Incidentally, I must say an enormous thanks to my mate Sam, who managed to arrange a massive van for us that same afternoon.

Anyway, I have plenty to be getting on with for now, but I got a new camera for my birthday, so keep an eye on my Flickr photostream over the coming weeks!