Northern Geekend: get yer anoraks on

A few of us here in York (including myself and Mr Pixelicious Pete) have been throwing around the idea of organising a geek meet this month. I met with Pete at lunchtime today and assembled a bit of a plan for the weekend of October 15th.

We invite the geek community to descend on the city of York in droves for the great Northern Geekend – southerners welcome.

Plans aren’t set in stone, but the idea is to visit a handful of York’s many pubs, perhaps go for a meal in one of the lovely local restaurants and also do York in some fashion. There’s plenty going on that weekend in York, including SightSonic 2005 (York International Festival of Digital Arts). Or some might like to do a bit of the tourist thing, like visiting some Vikings! Who’s for a bit of Frisbee? Or a trip down the River Ouse? Whatever floats your boat really! Geddit? Geddit?! Ah, never mind!

Accommodation will be provided by one of the Holiday Inn
Express/Travel Inn/etc, or if you’re really lucky, in the homes of local geeks.

So let either me or Pete know if you’re interested or to ask for more info. Spread the word – the more the merrier.