Stupid Things

I'm sure we've all completely embarrassed ourselves from time to time… during random moments of stupidity… or when talking about things that we're really not sure we know anything about. Well, inspired by Jo's last post, here's a few things I feel mightily stupid about.

Quoting the Jon…

“Copper Spaniel” – When writing an answer on the March Party quiz sheet this weekend. The annoying thing is that I knew there was something wrong with it when I wrote it down! When it came to marking, the team marking our sheet queried our answer. Everyone laughed at me. =(

“I wasn't alive last century.” – When talking to Jo about how the kids that she looked after at the nursery weren't alive last century and what a scary thought that was.

“Shall I run her over in the car and bring her back?” – When talking to Jo about taking a friend somewhere in the car.

“I forgot about guinea pigs.” – You know, I have no idea what I was on about with this one either.

“Hey, we could grow a beard!” – When talking to my mate Nick about us growing beards… but the concept of two people growing one beard is quite funny.

And I'm sure there are other stupid things I've said, but I can't think of them right now… I'm sure some old friends from school will be able to remember many times of stupidity on my part.

Quoting others…

Having recently dug up parts of my old personal website, here is a small selection of fun quotes from acquaintances (who shall be protected by anonymity):

  • “The universe is just one big pudding.”
  • “Can you get a menstrual cycle from Halfords?”
  • “I cannot come on a weekly basis.”
  • “Consider an electron in a one-dimensional, square potential well.” – Take a three-dimensional object, make it two-dimensional and then consider it to be one-dimensional? You wonder why I had difficulties with parts of my university degree?
  • “I'd hate to be a lesbian and be pregnant.”
  • “Imagine they're cows, only spherical.”

How about you?

Have you recently embarrassed yourself through your own stupidity? Is there something stupid you once said that still embarrasses you when you think about it? C'mon! Confess!