Still Alive After @media

Yes, I'm still alive! After two weeks away from the office, I've arrived back in York to a load of work that needed (and still needs) dealing with. But it's been over two weeks since my last post, so I thought I'd better do something about it!

Excuses and promises

All I seem to have done recently is jabber on about general stuff like car parking tickets or surrendering to the meme bashing! I've really wanted to get on to more Webby things. I've actually got quite a few posts lined up, and @media has given us all quite a bit to think about. I've actually been thinking about setting up more sections to the site (and associated feeds) to separate Webby stuff from personal/general stuff. Isn't that what post categories are for though? Well, I'd appreciate some feedback there.

Alas, I've got a lot on at the moment, so posting here isn't that high on my agenda right now. A few personal projects have also had to go on hold (including the redesign of this blog). It hasn't helped that I've been ill the last few days, but Jo's been looking after me! Now that I'm starting to get back on track, I promise you'll see some more interesting stuff from me.

More on @media

I know I'm at risk of dragging out the @media material, but I just wanted to follow up my last post with a bit more about my thoughts on @media.

Washing my mouth out

As I've mentioned before, I arrived in London early and was able to make a couple of additional meet-ups before the conference. I had met Mike Davies and Grant Broome on the Tuesday and went for drinks with several lovely people on the Wednesday night to celebrate Patrick Lauke's birthday. The obligatory nods to Pat, Pete, Leigh, Rik (I think you were you), Claire, Mike, Andy, Rob, Alex.

That evening I had the misfortune of being heard bitching about how doing laundry at our university was such a pain in the backside. I had just managed to come out with the words “f*cking laundry” when the rest of the group had gone quiet for a second. Of course, that followed me around for the rest of the conference. Not that I minded – it was quite funny really. At least I won't go down in @media history as the bloke who was swearing a lot – we so need an accessibility validator called “Joe Clark says: you're a wanker!”…

Sleeping with Patrick Lauke

Sorry to all of you waiting for the juicy details, but I'm gonna disappoint you. I just want to officially thank Pat for letting me crash on his hotel floor that night. It was miles better than having to leave early and get back to the girlfriend's family home only half as drunk as I should have been, and then arrive late for the conference the next morning.

The conference