Mac in a Box

Guess what arrived at my front door at half nine this morning!

I had just been checking out Apple’s order tracking when the doorbell went. Bloody hell! It was my Mac Mini – the order tracking said it was still at Leeds airport. So, much a boyish unpacking commenced and a photo opportunity was taken.

Mac boxes: Mac Mini, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse.

I decided to go wireless. I had considered getting a DVI KVM switch to make it easy for me to use the Mac with my existing keyboard, mouse and beautiful new ViewSonic flat screen monitor, but having seen how much the switches cost, I settled for dual inputs on my monitor, stylish Mac keyboard and mouse and wirelessness.

The excitement hasn’t quite kicked in. I’ve been so busy so far this week and it’s likely to be the weekend before I get time to play. Hmmm, looking forward to getting some Tiger lovin’. Grrrr.

Welcome to Tiger, Mac OS X v10.4.

Anyway, Jo seems to have taken a liking to the new addition to the November 5th team… she says she’s going to take it to work with her.

The Mac Mini lunchbox.

So, does this officially make me a Web Design geek? I guess not – I don’t yet have an iBook that I can sit in hallways with.