Free Personal/Project Management Tools

Following on from my last post on the Manage-Do Flipbook, I thought I’d also post a few links to free personal/project management tools that I use from time to time. Feel free to add to the list.

  • FreeMind – A free mind mapping application that allows you to organise things as you would in a spider diagram, only it’s a little more flexible. Requires Java. Article about FreeMind.
  • Open Workbench – An open source alternative to Microsoft Project. Requires Java.
  • OpenOffice – An open source suite of office applications. Makes a good alternative to the Microsoft Office suite.
  • EssentialPIM – Free software that you can use to keep notes and contacts as well as organising tasks.
  • Sunbird Free calendar software from the nice people who bring you Firefox.
  • ScrapBook – One of the most useful Firefox extensions around, ScrapBook allows you to accurately save Web pages to your hard drive, organise them, make notes…

Anyone use or know of any other good ones? I know about the useful online tools that 37signals provide, but have never got around to trying them out.