Car Park Fine Update

Those bureaucratic, money-grabbing halfwits have missed the point again and have started making excuses.

For those who haven’t read my Too Conscious of Colour? rant, I visited my home town back at the beginning of April and got lumbered with a parking ticket. Nobody likes getting fined for stuff, but this was ridiculous. Sunday evening in a car park that’s always been free in the evenings with no apparent signage to tell me otherwise. I went back the next day after being told there was a blatant sign and found a small, white sign on the corner by the car park entrance.

The council have written back to me saying that the “small sign [I] refer to is in fact 1200mm x 1200mm and 2100mm high facing the entrance road in yellow, blue and orange. It is not insignificant and is a permanent fixture.” Well, that’s nice, but I was talking about the small sign and not the 2-metre-high sign. The sign that they’re on about doesn’t even mention the evening charges, so I guess I should be let off?

*thunk* Ouch!

They also mention that the lighting in the car park meets with BSI standards, which is nice. However, you still don’t see the sign which tells you about the car park charges do you?

Anyway, I’m fed up with the bureaucracy and the excuses. Maybe it’s time to let this one go.

Update, 11.07.2005

I ended up writing back to these people and made a further complaint to the council about the guy who I was handling my complaints. I received a letter back saying that they believed the signs were visible and adequate and that I was not entitled to my money back.

However, they were in agreement that the language and tone of the correspondence I received was inappropriate and not up to standard. I got a written apology and was told that a series of professional training programs had been propsed to improve correspondence skills. Whether this training will ever happen or not, I guess I’ll never know.