What the hell happened to Lycos Mail?

The Lycos Mail (UK) front page currently boasts the following testimonial for its free 300 Mb e-mail accounts: Lycos Free Email is the best designed Free email out there. Period. Well, not in my experience it isn’t.

Once upon a time I got fed up with the increasingly large amount of spam ending up in my Hotmail account. I was also getting annoyed with the stupidly low 2 Mb mail quota. Lycos Mail boasted a 15 Mb quota and POP3 support as a bonus for when I didn’t need to use Web mail. Fantastic. A couple of months later, support for POP3 stops and a redesign with some funky JavaScript starts throwing Mozilla browsers into a frenzy. Lycos Mail was no longer viable for me, so I went back to my Hotmail spam account.

Of course, now none of this really matters as I host my own e-mail accounts, which I can access via the Web if needed. However, my girlfriend still uses Lycos Mail and I don’t think there’s ever a time I don’t hear cursing when she’s checking her Lycos accounts. Where did it all go wrong, Lycos?

Update, 15.02.2006