So, do I go to @media?

What with having to register today in order to get the early bird discount to @media 2005, I've been weighing up the options.

Some of you may have noticed the text in the sidebar becoming less optimistic about going. It's mainly down to finance… isn't is always?

As a self-employed guy/a freelancer/whatever and coming up to the end of my first year of trading, it's been a busy time and budgets have been tight. Although, that's probably also true outside of the first year. 🙂

£345 + VAT is quite a lot for a conference. But Patrick Griffiths has organised a great event, which is going to be right here in the UK for a change! It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn from and meet some of the people I've only been in touch with on forums or by e-mail or spoken to on the phone.

So, it's a trade off:

  1. Don't go, have more money to be able to keep paying myself, miss out on kneeing someone in the nadgers and all the fun and games… I mean, learning and networking. Or;
  2. Go, have less money in the kitty, work harder later to make up for it, meet lots of people, learn a few things along the way.

What do people think? At the end of today, I could always work a little bit harder to get anough to pay the full registration cost, but there's also the fact that places at the conference are limited and selling out from the sounds of it.