Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas holiday. I crammed a lot into two weeks off work and had a great time.

In Brief

I finished work a week before Christmas to spend a couple of weeks visiting family and friends. I managed to visit a few friends on the way down to spend Christmas with my folks in Devon, travelled to London on Christmas Day (the roads were very quiet) and then spent eight days in Arizona visiting Phoenix and the Grand Canyon with my girlfriend's family. I had hoped to write a couple of posts while in America, but limited Internet access and funds stopped that. I'll write up a full debrief soon as there's quite a lot to cover!

Now that I'm back though, I'm having issues catching up with everything! I've managed to wade through a load of e-mails and forum posts today – thank goodness for spam filters. Now I have to catch up on a bit of work that piled up during the break and try to book my train tickets to get down to Devon for my Dad's 80th birthday. That's something else I'm going to rant about soon, as I've already tried to book these tickets eight times, making me even more pissed off with the railways in this country than I already am! Anyway, look out for that in a series of articles I intend writing discussing things that annoy me.

Disaster in Asia

Shortly after take-off from Heathrow, I was saddened by the breaking news of the earthquake and tsunami in South-East Asia. The holiday in Arizona took my mind off the disaster a little, but the extent of those events was driven home by the reports I read upon return to Britain.

It was good to find out about Blog Aid, set up by Andy Budd to raise money for the relief efforts from blog earnings through schemes such as Google AdSense. It's given me a good reason to add Google adverts to this blog: to raise money for different charities. I don't get a lot of traffic, but every little helps right?


As yet, I haven't made any. I often don't because I tend to make them and then completely forget about it. I guess if I had one for this year, it would be to exercise more, but as someone who is mostly tied to a computer every day, getting active can be difficult to work into the day.