Mozilla Mail Madness

I’d just like to make a confession about my complete ignorance with some of Mozilla Mail’s basic functionality.

Why hasn’t anyone ever told me about that little function in Mozilla Mail that addresses one of my hard-disk’s dirty little habits? I’ve been running out of disk space every now and then as the tiny Windows partition on my laptop gets clogged up with stuff. I’ve been cleaning it out and getting by without having to resort to the often arduous task of repartitioning.

When I clean up, a quick search reveals that my Mozilla profile is taking up some considerable space, but no matter how many old e-mails I go through and delete, nothing seems to make a dent. That is until I realise what “Compact Folders” actually does. Marvellous – five minutes later and I’ve backed up my Mozilla profile which is now quarter the size of the last backup. Maybe it’s time I started reading documentation! I somewhat doubt it.

Anyway, I am considering checking out Thunderbird as 1.0 was released this week, but I’m really not sure it’s worth it. I use Firefox as my main browser now – it’s nice to use when you just want a browser running – but I’m not sure Thunderbird could replace Mozilla Mail for me. I like the way it is integrated as part of the application suite. Maybe I’ll give it a shot anyway when I’ve got a free minute.