I’m Jon Gibbins and I live in Bristol, England.

I work at Dig Inclusion, where I help people make their websites, iOS apps and Android apps more accessible. I do this by testing for the bits that people with disabilities will find difficult to access, recommending ways to make those bits better, and providing training. But that’s not all we do! Find out more about us at diginclusion.com!

I used to be primarily a web developer. I co-founded a web design and development co-operative called Analog with some friends of mine, and we built Mapalong, a really cool place for you to map the places that matter to you and share memories of those places with your friends. We’ve taken a bit of a break from that just recently, but there’s stuff happening in the background.

I’m a passionate advocate for accessible design, particularly on the Web. I love being part of the accessibility community, discussing the latest issues, helping fellow web developers better their skills, and feeling like the work we do is actually helping real people. I’m a moderator on Accessify Forum, which has been helping web designers with accessibility since 2003. I’m also a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS), having previously been an administrator for the Guild, helping to set up and run the successful GAWDS Award / Site of the Month.

So, this is my site. My writing comes in ebbs and flows, as and when inspiration strikes. It’s seen more active days than it has more recently, but everything can change!